encourage creativity in your kid

15 Ways to Spark Creativity in Your Kids

encourage creativity in your kid

Most parents assume that a child’s potential will come naturally. Or that talent is an innate gift that will eventually surface when it is time. Genetics may have a partial role in your child’s development but the above mentioned notions are not entirely true.

Although early childhood training will not guarantee the ideal child you have in mind: genius, athletic, and charismatic, but it does help with your child’s overall development. Besides the benefits, it may just uncover your child’s talents, skills, and intellectual abilities by fostering your child’s creative potentials at an early age.

Read on as we share 15 cool activities, you can do with your little ones to spark creativity in them.

1. Inspire Storytelling and Reading

Have you ever read them a bedtime story? Reading to them plays a significant role in their creative development. Not only this, when you read them their favourite books, it also urges them to read along with you.

Choose books that are age-appropriate and take time telling stories to your little ones. However, do not dismiss books with complex stories such as fairy tales and folk classics as these also help develop their imaginative skills.

There are many essential skills that your child should develop to be successful in life. Skills such as communication, critical thinking, innovation, analytical thinking, sociability, and creativity are vital to succeed in any field they want to pursue in future.

2. Explore the Unknown

There are other ways to spark creativity, apart from storytelling and encouraging them to read. Another is stirring their curiosity to find out what they don’t know.

Kids are naturally curious about their surroundings. Thus, they will find interest in topics such as space exploration, dinosaurs, and robots.

Know what interests them and encourage them in that direction. Who knows? You might have a future physicist or a famous scientist in the midst.

3. Invest in Active Play

If possible, bring them to playgrounds and jungle gyms. With active play, they will develop strong motor skills and playing together with other children encourage them to be sociable.

In addition to that, your kids will have the necessary tools to play with using their imaginations. To children, a normal-looking playground has endless potentials. It can be a battle fort or a space ship in their mind. Especially if there are other playmates that they can role-play with.

If you would like to build an indoor play area instead, it does not have to be big or expensive. There are numerous DIY ideas for you to explore and this will also spark some creativity in you as well. It can be a family activity to build something together with lots of fun.

4. Dabble in Toy Crafts

Now how about letting them experiment with arts and crafts?
Let them play with clay putty and see what they will make out of it. Show them ways to make simple playthings such as pinwheels or origami. When they are creating and customising their work, they will get more creative and also refine their motor skills.

5. Encourage Building Toys

Apart from dabbling in crafts, let your child have a go at building toys such as blocks. Constructing structures such as castles and skyscrapers rely on a lot of imagination and problem-solving abilities.

On the other hand, Legos also encourage children to be more innovative and train them in goal-setting. Your child will have to improvise on how to create the intended result they have in mind.

6. Play Board Games

For school-aged children, you can also add creativity board games into their playtime. Board games such as Scrabble, Cranium, Monopoly, and Clue have the propensity of improving cognitive skills in young minds.

These games can also promote problem-solving, and decision-making skills as they will have to put their creative thinking muscles into good use when playing these games.

7. Set Up Educational Apps and Games

To keep up with the fast-changing times, you can also enrich your child’s tech skills. While prolong screen time to gadgets such as smartphones and tablets are unhealthy for children’s development, limiting and monitoring screen time can still make them great learning tools.

Choose to install educational apps and games instead of social media. And also teach your kids the best digital practices by being a good example. It is also good to let them know not all information shown on the internet is true.

8. Watch Educational Youtube Videos

Speaking of using technology as a learning tool for your children, why not tune-in to educational YouTube channels. You can pick an educational video for your child to watch after you vet through it.

Watch arts and crafts tutorials, view child-friendly animations or learn from academic experts. There are thousands of hours of educational videos on YouTube.

9. Introduce Gift Giving

Let’s couple creativity with compassion too. Even when it is not the holidays, get your child involved with civic activities such as charities to inspire them. Let them choose gifts or create gifts and show them how to wrap these craftily.

10. Play Cook

Spark your child’s creative and culinary talents by cooking with them. It will get messy at the beginning, though, but that’s a given. Choose simple recipes such as baking cupcakes and cookies, and let them help you with it. Allow them to combine different tastes, shapes and colours to create something new.

11. Create Beautiful Art

If you think you have a Picasso in the making, why not encourage their love for art. Painting and drawing provide a positive emotional output for people in general. Thus, let them express themselves through their craft at an early age, with fun stuff like art jamming.

By building a child’s artistic capabilities, you let them explore beyond their physical surroundings.

12. Teach Music

Apart from fine arts, music is also known to enrich children’s cognitive development. Give your child instruments such as xylophones, recorders, drums, or ukulele to spur their musical interests. On the other hand, experts say that Mozart fosters the appreciation of good music and helps with enhancing brain development in babies.

13. Introduce Photography

Introduce your little ones to the art of photographic too. Capture precious moments and create an opportunity for creative learning. Dress-up using blankets or old clothes. Create exciting costumes. Set up innovative props. By being creative, a photoshoot can turn out to be a magical experience for your child.

14. Enjoy Small Field Trips

Enough with indoor fun, how about taking mini-field trips? Besides taking a walk in the park, why not bring your kids to museums and theatre performances. Just make sure that they are age-appropriate.

With these field trips, children get to explore their physical world more. They will get to appreciate history, culture, and tradition. Furthermore, their minds are stimulated with all the information they are getting during the day trip.

15. Enrol In After School Programs

Enrol your children in after-school programs to enrich their intellectual development. Take them to sports, art or music classes, and let them explore their other abilities outside of school.


These are only 15 of the many ways to spark creativity and to maximise your child’s potential in life. Explore your options and flex your creative muscles as a parent too. Remember to motivate your child by giving positive feedbacks and encouragements. With your help and inspiration, your child can surely become who he/she aspire to be.

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