You might have heard of the term ‘Neuro Soundwaves Technology’ but have not given it much thought. To many, it sounds too complex, too difficult to understand, something that you might read in a science fiction book rather than from a medical journal. However, Neuro Soundwaves has been around a lot longer than we realise and has been scientifically proven to work.

How Our Brain Works

Without sounding too scientific or technical, our brain is made up mainly of neurons, about 100 billion to be exact. These neurons form a neural network which governs our emotions and mental capabilities. The usage of these neurons peak in our 30-40s and starts to decrease as we get older.

What Neuro Soundwaves aim to do is to strengthen our neural network thus improving our emotions and giving our mental capabilities like memory, problem-solving and creativity a boost.

How Does Neuro Technology Work

Based on our proprietary mathematical algorithms, we create Neuro Soundwaves that are beneficial to your brain. This is created using music therapy, binaural beats, brain entrainment and frequency harmonics.

This soundwave is then embedded in music which acts as a medium for delivery as compared to more traditional methods. Think of Neuro Soundwave as a tablet that is dissolved in a liquid substance (music) for better absorption by the body or in this case, your brain.

During the process of listening to the music, the Neuro Soundwaves causes tiny oscillations between your brain neurons which strengthens the bond.

Know Your Brainwaves

Brainwaves are generated when the neurons communicate with each other and it can be measured in Hertz (Hz). In a nutshell, when your brain waves are slow, we tend to feel sleepy, lethargic or tired. When your brainwaves are fast, you feel excited, alert or pumped up.

Here are 5 types of brainwaves that you will typically experience on a daily basis:

brain waves

Gamma Brainwaves (>25 Hz)

This is the fastest of brainwaves and it usually occurs when we are in a hyped-up state. Information in the brain is transmitted quickly and silently.

Beta Brainwaves (12-25 Hz)

This is the state that we are in for most of our waking hours. It allows us to deal with the outside world which requires our attention, judgement, decision making and problem solving.

Alpha Brainwaves (8-12 Hz)

This is the brainwave when the brain is in a resting state. You will feel calm, composed and information will be absorbed easily into the brain.

Theta Brainwaves (4-8 Hz)

One of the two types of brainwaves when we are sleeping or in deep meditation. Our senses are now more inward-looking than outward seeking.

Delta Brainwaves (0.5-1 Hz)

This is the brainwave that occurs when we are in deep sleep. It helps the body to repair and heal itself thus it is important that we achieve this level of sleep for a healthy body.

How Our Brain Can Benefit From Neuro Technology

Our personal experiences with the world are tied to our brainwave profile. When our brainwaves are not in sync or out of balance, it can lead to a host of emotional and physical disorders. It isn’t possible to have a healthy body without a healthy mind, these two aspects are co-dependant.

Therefore by introducing Neuro Soundwaves to your brain, it can help re-sync your brainwaves to a normal level instead of one that is irregular and all over the place. Think of the pistons in a car engine. If they are not moving in harmony, it will eventually crack the engine hub and most likely cause massive damage to your car.

And we don’t want this happening to your brain.



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