help your child sleep better

11 Ways to Help Your Kids Sleep Better At Night

help your child sleep better

 We all desire a good and healthy life. The three fundamental factors of that happy life are nutritious diet, good exercise, and proper quality sleep. Among all of these, putting kids to sleep is one of the most tedious tasks for parents.

Sleep is essential to everyone and especially to kids. But, kids being kids, do not pay heed towards having a good sleep. Sometimes, they need to be coerced while sometimes they need to be scolded before agreeing to head to bed. It is perhaps because they have more interest in doing physical activities and exploring the world around them than utilizing their time in sleeping.

Need for Sleep in Kids  

Sleeping time is often misconstrued to be mundane and boring. But that is the time for self-growth and development. Our body and mind relax during this phase of the day.

It has been scientifically proven that this time is instrumental in helping kids develop their senses, their physical attributes and the strength of their minds. The body uses energy every time it has to do any activity.

Plus the use of Neuro soundwaves for quality sleep in kids can give them an effective night’s rest.

This store of energy is refilled during sleep. The body repairs, recovers, and rebuilds itself for the next day during this time when the child peacefully sleeps.

The previous night’s sleep affects the productivity of the next day. If a kid does not get an adequate amount of sleep at night, this can affect the next day’s productivity levels.

The focus and concentration of the kid are at stake if there is no proper sleep. In childhood, a kid has to learn loads of new things. The kid has to grow, explore and experience life. Learning is catalyzed by proper sleep.

Understand how much sleep your kid requires

Parents must understand this essential piece of information. It is important for parents to know how much sleep is required based on the kid’s age. The scientifically researched and approved duration of sleep for kids are as follows.

  1. One week to one month: Sleeping time is of about 15-18 hours—the periods of wakefulness range from a few minutes to an hour.
  2. One month to three months: The baby sleeps for about 14-15 hours. The day-night cycles begin to play a role.
  3. Four months to one year:The sleeping time is of about 12-14 hours with maximum sleep during the night powered by a midday nap.
  4. Toddlers of one to three years: Even they need sleep of around 10-13 hours for their growth and development.
  5. Three to five years: These kids need around 10-13 hours of sleep. Their daily routine and school timings influence this sleep.
  6. Five to thirteen years: these kids have many activities to do. This may hamper their sleep, but still, they need 10-11 hours of good tight sleep.
  7. Teenagers: They have the most hectic schedules and demanding work routines. But for the overall maintenance of good health, they need 8-10 hours of sleep.

11 Ways to Make Kids Sleep Better

One of the most challenging questions in parenthood is ‘how to make your kid sleep better at night?’ Here are 11 tried and tested ways to help you with it.

1. Design a bedtime routine

It is said that whatever you do in the last few minutes of the day before you go to sleep influences your sleep to a great extent. Hence, the bedtime routine should be healthy and full of good vibes. The period of 10-30 minutes before sleeping should be utilized to impart ethical, moral values through stories, daily hygiene practices, and pleasant chitchat.

2. Set the time of going to bed

In today’s world of hectic routines of both children and parents, the time of going to bed takes a beating. It is very bad for young kids to stay up until late at night. This affects their growth and concentration. Hence, the sleeping time should be set, which has to be followed meticulously.

3. Set the time for waking up

Kids and adults alike love to sleep till late. But it hurts the productivity of the person throughout the day. A late morning can make the whole day lazy. So kids should have a fixed waking time.

4. Reduce the screen time before sleeping

Excessive screen time strains the eyes and also affects the thinking process of a kid. Hence, there should be limited viewing of these screens just before sleeping. Futhermore, many of such devices emit blue light which interferes with having a good sleep.

5. Avoid heavy meals before bedtime

It is bad for the digestive system to take a heavy meal and immediately go to sleep. Also, caffeine which is present in coffee takes a toll on sleep. It is advised to avoid these things.

6. Give them proper exercise

Physical activity exhausts the kid which makes them less energetic at night and easier to fall asleep. There should be playtime of 60-180 minutes throughout the day.

7. Create a good sleeping environment

Kids need a good and conducive sleeping environment. The factors like soft lights or complete darkness, soft and comfortable bedding and warm room temperature set the pace for a good tight sleep.

8. Have a stress-free environment before sleeping

It is recommended not to discuss topics or matters which may lead to conflicts just before going to sleep. The kids have sharp senses and sensitivity towards such things. Hence, stress originated from fights and conflicts can mar the kid’s sleep.

9. Reassure the kids

The kids are sometimes prone to nightmares and may face disturbances in sleep. The parents should tell them soothing stories and should reassure them that they are safe and protected in their rooms, and the parents are always there.

10. Seek help in case of sleeping disorders

Just like adults, even kids may face sleeping disorders. So parents should look out for their signs. It is best to seek professional medical help well in time at the earliest stages of discovering the symptoms.

11. Practice what you preach

Kids tend to copy their parents’ actions. If the parents have an unhealthy bedtime routine and erratic sleeping hours, the kids will copy the same. Therefore, the parents should maintain a good sleeping routine for themselves as well.

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