achieve laser like focus in kids

11 Ways to Achieve Laser-Like Focus and Concentration in Your Kid

achieve laser like focus in kids

Your kids are always looking to discover new things and get involved with them. On the other hand, being kids, it can be hard for them to have laser-like focus and concentration in any particular activity that they undergo.

Furthermore, in a country like Singapore where our education system can get challenging and fast-paced, it is important for your kid to have a good attention span in school.

The rule of thumb is that a kid’s focus and concentration span is 3-5 times of their age. So if a child is 3 years old, the attention span is about 15 minutes max.

As a parent, you don’t want your children to have poor focus or concentration instilled in them. Whether it’s doing homework or playing games, they should be focused on the task at hand.

Not many kids adore doing schoolwork while others battle to finish it with any excitement. In addition, it is good for your kid to have a good habit of defining an objective like setting a certain goal or milestone before they can go off and play or have a snack.

Make sure they the quality of their work isn’t compromised just for the sake of finishing it quickly. It is also advisable to remove digital devices, so that your children can become more focused.

If you are facing problems to find your children more focused and enthusiastic, you might need to try out the following ways at least once:

1. Let your children get sufficient sleep

First and foremost, you should let your children get a sufficient amount of sleep. No one can feel fresh and focused when they have gotten a bad night sleeping experience. Quality of sleep matters too.

The younger they are, the more sleep they need for the body to develop and recover effectively.

This is why you should consider the sleeping schedule and pattern of your child. This is the first splendid idea you can use to improve focus in your kids.

2. Ask them to listen to music for a while

Secondly, you should ask your children to be engaged with some form of music. Sometimes, everyone’s mind needs a soothing and relaxing environment and music can be the best way to do so. When kids look worried and unfocused, music is a way to help them.  Music is always a precious thing to use, especially when you are under pressure and having a lack of focus.

Bioneuro has a proven method of helping kids focus better with our proprietary Neuro Soundwaves.

3. Keep kids away from interruptions

Being a parent, you should restrict the usage of smart devices by your kids. In this present age of smart devices and the internet, your kids can waste countless of hours on mindless stuff.

You should never let your children use the internet unsupervised. It is necessary for your kids to play outdoors to develop their focus, concentration and awareness.

4. Utilize timers

To assist your children in knowing how much or less time they take to complete a work, you should use a timer. By using a timer, you can tell your children what they should change and track the activities of your kids as well as the time they take to complete any particular activity.

5. Give them regular breaks

It is necessary for parents to give regular breaks to their children when they are doing any particular work. If your kids focus too long on a task that they are doing, their mind will get tired and their focus will take a hit.

6. Set objectives for them

Set some objectives for your kids. For example, you can ask your children to do exercises to stay healthy or they need to finish a certain amount of work before play time. People who do not have an objective or goal in their personal or professional life can never have a good focus.

7. Meditation is necessary

When you want to improve focus and concentration in your kid, you should teach them simple meditation for kids. Whether you want to manage emotions or feelings, meditation can become the best tool. In addition, it is known for helping people who want to have an elevated focus.

Once they go through the meditation program, it can help to increase their ability to concentrate and focus for longer periods of time. Everyone knows how important meditation is and that’s why it should be a key activity for your kids.

8. Avoid multitasking

On the contrary to what most people believe, the human brain isn’t made to multitask. Well, at least not for the majority us. There are a few lucky individuals that can do this well, but for most of us, it leads to decreased focus and more mistakes. Get your kid to just focus one thing at a time.

The brain needs some time to get into a groove when doing something. So when you make an abrupt switch to another task, the brain has to restart all over again. This can lead to being absent-minded in the long run.

Let your kid finish one thing first before moving on to the next.

9. Be dressed for the occasion

You should ask your children to be dressed up appropriately. It is believed that when you are dressed up well, you always have an elevated focus on what needs to be done. For example, if you are teaching your kids from home, make sure they are not learning in their jammies but in more appropriate clothing.

As the saying goes “Be dressed for success”.

10. Staying in a warmer place

If you are in a country that only has 3 months of summer then it can be rather challenging for your kids. Studies have shown that a warmer climate, like Singapore, or environment helps to boost focus, concentration and happiness. So try not to make the room too cold when your kids are doing their homework.

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