how to improve kids memory

9 Ways To Help Improve Your Child’s Memory 


how to improve kids memoryOur everyday lives revolve around memories. Not the type where we look back and say, “Oh! I miss those days.” The kind where we remember what we ate for breakfast the previous day!

It’s the simple things that help us function every day. Fading memories are inevitable as we grow old, but it’s the kids who need to have a memory like that of an elephant ( they say an elephant never forgets). A good memory helps them to perform better, be it in school or at home.

If your child has a hard time performing better at school or if he/she forgets the little things to do at home, then we will provide you with tips to improve your child’s memory.

Ways to Improve your child’s memory

There are numerous ways to help improve your child’s memory. The tuning of the brain is what is required at the most and once it’s done, it becomes a habit later on. To get started with, we have listed here a few ideas you can try to help your kid ace that exam in school.

1. Building focus is important

To have a good memory, your child needs to concentrate on the things they do. They should be able to grasp every detail and have it registered in their mind. It can be improved by making them play sudoku, memory games, or our Neuro Soundwave Technology for kids. These help your kid to improve their concentration level and you will see them stay focused throughout the lectures in class or even while studying at home.

It trains their brain at a very young age, which will help them immensely in their future endeavours.

2. Storytelling can be a way too

Storytelling is also a great way to enhance their memory. You see, how often do we remember a story in detail once we have read it? We might explain the summary but not the depths of it.

But with kids, you can ensure that once they have read a story, they explain every detail to you. For that, after every para or every chapter, have them explain to you what they’ve understood. This way, they will be able to understand better, which in turn helps them improve their memory.

4. Writing for better retention

It is often said that jotting down important things helps one to remember better. Writing is powerful and if you tell your child to prepare notes while studying or just a list of things that they have to do the following day, it helps them activate their brain and improves memory. You can also encourage them to write a diary every day about an important event that took place that day. Writing comes along with numerous benefits too. It helps them to express in a better way and even improve their writing skills.

4. Envisioning

Why is it that we tend to remember movies better than reading stories? Well, the point here is, it’s all about the visuals. We tend to remember anything that has pictures on it. The same applies to your kids in improving their memories too.

If you’re teaching them something, try to explain them using real-life examples showing them how something works rather than explaining to them using just the books. It helps them retain that piece of information better. Kids love pictures than sentences so you can make it a fun reading every time to teach something.

5. Able to connect the dots

To be able to remember things well, one needs to have a good memory. So, at a very young age, if you help develop your child to link important aspects, they will have a better understanding of even the simplest things.

Reading a chapter is one thing, but being able to relate a chapter to other chapters under similar topics is what makes the difference. Make sure you backtrack and ask your child questions about a topic that they’ve read. This particular method boosts memory to a great extent. It can be about anything and not only the chapters.

6. Learning by making it fun

Have fun with your kids by playing card games or games. It helps them improve their memory in a better way. While playing, one needs to know the rules of the game, know certain strategies to win the game and a lot of other things.

Not only will they have fun but also increase their ability to retain information. It’s also a great way to spend time with your kids. You can play Uno or Go Fish during weekends and connect with your kids too.

7. Conceptualizing is important

Brainstorming about the ideas is also helpful. Have them summarize a topic after every read in their own words. A glance at that should help them recall the entire story or the chapter. It not only improves their memory but also helps them express their thoughts and better their interpretation skills.

They can have their take on a topic. Forming opinions help them build a sense of uniqueness. Strong opinions are what makes a person different from others. It builds confidence and also aids in a better personality.

8. Activities that build greater attention to detail

Indulge them in extracurricular activities. Having a hobby is extremely important for an individual. It can be playing piano or guitar, sketching or painting, dancing or singing, or even sports. Learning piano builds concentration and learning the music notes helps in improving their memory. The same applies to other activities as well. Do not restrict them, saying studies are more important than these activities. Both the equally important and helps them in having better time management skills and shaping them for a better future.

9. Repeat! Repeat! Repeat!

Lastly, practice is the key to boost memory. It’s not something to be gained overnight. Like how being a guitarist lies in repeated practice and dedication, the same applies to improve brain activity to retain information. Playing with them, helping them solve puzzles, teaching them every day, trains their brain, and eventually, it becomes a routine. Children have a good grasping power, so when they are encouraged to do things at that age, it will help you both have a better future. 


Apart from all these activities, you should set a routine and ensure they follow it. It helps in better functioning. Having quality sleep is equally important for the brain to perform well. Eating healthy foods, like seeds and nuts, is also an excellent way to boost memory. That said, make it all a fun activity rather than taking the strict route to train your kids. They are the most curious ones, and they readily learn new things instantly. It all depends on your approach for their betterment.

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